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Reps. Ugenti-Rita and Rivero Praise Increase in Personal Exemption

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STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX– Arizona Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard today salutedRepresentatives Michelle Ugenti-Rita (R-23) and Tony Rivero (R-21) for fighting to increase thepersonal exemption by $100 over the next two years, at which point it will be indexed forinflation each year.
Arizona taxpayers can currently claim personal exemptions of $2100 for individuals, $4200 formarried couples, or $6300 for married couples with at least one dependent. Increasing theexemption positively affects every Arizona household.
“Reps. Ugenti-Rita and Rivero led a significant portion of our caucus who wanted to seethe personal exemption increased,”

said Speaker Mesnard.

“Thanks to their advocacy,Arizona taxpayers will get to keep more of what they earn.”
“This increase in the personal exemption will benefit every taxpayer in Arizona,”said Rep.Ugenti-Rita.
“Taxpayers ought to be able to keep more of their hard-earned money, andI’m proud to have fought for this important provision in the budget.”
“An increase in the personal exemption, as well as automatic inflationary increases in thefuture, is a big victory for taxpayers,”

said Rep. Rivero.

“By increasing the amount of theArizona individual income tax exemption, we help hard-working Arizonans. This increasein the exemption amount helps working-class Arizonans who earn wages and pay taxes.These are people who work hard but don’t earn the kind of money that allows them to takeadvantage of the special tax breaks high-income folks get when they itemize their taxdeductions. In short, by providing this change to our tax laws, we are giving a tax cut tohard-working families who most need the help.”
HB 2528, sponsored by Speaker Mesnard and a top priority for Governor Ducey, unanimouslypassed the House earlier this session. In addition to phasing out unused tax exemptions, the billwill provide for inflationary increases to the personal exemption.
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CONTACT:Matthew SpechtDirector of CommunicationsHouse Majority
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