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Arizona: Open for Business

Guest Editorial: Stuck On A Still – The Lack Of Incentives Keeps The Film Industry Out Of AZ

By: Robert Rich On October 8, 2018, Governor Susana Martinez & Mayor Tim Keller announced that Netflix has chosen Albuquerque, New Mexico to be the home of its first production studio complex. The deal is projected to bring in $1 billion dollars of revenue, and 1,000 production jobs, per year to New Mexico. While this [...]


Guest Editorial: The Fab Five Return

By: Scottsdale Pinetop They marched, they ran and they won. It has been a historic year for women candidates with a record-breaking number of women now holding federal and state offices. But this isn’t something new for Arizona politics. Even with the momentum of the #MeToo and Year of the Woman movement, Arizona has continued [...]


An Arizona Example Why The Public Gets Frustrated With The Media

There’s much bashing of the media these days.  It can be incessant and over the top.  For the most part members of the media are like any other industry.  They are good, hard-working people, guided by solid ethics. Yet, there are times when one has to scratch their head and wonder if critics aren’t really [...]


Scottsdale’s San Andreas

Once upon a time Scottsdale power brokers used to sit around a place called Mag’s Ham Bun and largely decide who was going to rule the city’s roost. How times have changed. Last night a grassroots movement spawned with laptops and shoe leather reinvented Scottsdale’s political landscape.  It was an earthquake. Proposition 420, a determined [...]


Establishment and Status Quo Lose Big

 in Midterms

  By Sal DiCiccio City of Phoenix Councilman, District 6 6 words to sum up yesterday’s election: Establishment and status quo lose big Republicans made big gains in the Senate, ensuring a lock on judicial appointments and Democrats made gains in the House, ensuring a slowdown of the Republican economic and social agenda. Republicans maintain control [...]



As Scottsdale voters contemplate Question 1 on the November 6th ballot, a measure that would generate new funds to repair, improve and expand local roadways, we have a question to ask of our readers.  Normally we opine. This time we seek input. We have written previously of the spiteful opposition engineered by local realtor Scott [...]


In Defense Of Virginia Korte

It might seem odd for us to opine about the leader of opposition to a Scottsdale measure we enthusiastically support.  But not all opponents are or should be considered untoward, especially if their heritage outflanks most everyone involved in the debate. We speak of Proposition 420, as we have many times.  It deserves support for [...]


Next Mann Up

The cast of characters associated with opposing the revitalization of the former Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix not only has a sketchy relationship with reality, they have a sketchy relationship with the law.   You may remember the group’s spokesman Tom Simon. He had a long list of felonies to his name and did prison time [...]


Guest Editorial: Vote ‘Yes’ on Question 1

By Mayor Jim Lane, Vice Mayor Guy Philips and Councilwoman Suzanne Klapp Editorial in Arizona Republic  Please join us in supporting Question 1 on Scottsdale’s November ballot to keep our fair share of county transportation taxes. Question 1 approves a small and temporary transportation sales tax increase in Scottsdale. The increase amounts to one-tenth of [...]


More Disarray

Over the past year the goings on with the former Chinese Cultural Center near Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport have been parts amusing, sickening, surprising and confounding. And there’s a new wrinkle we’ll get to in a moment.  We’ve written on the issue before but here’s a quick refresher. A development arm of the Chinese government [...]

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