Morning in Arizona

Arizona: Open for Business

WeWork Looks To Be The New

The spectacular flame-out of is the event that many folks of my era use to mark the end of the late 90′s internet bubble.  In turn, it looks like WeWork is vying to mark the end of the current Silicon Valley unicorn bubble.  I won’t go into all the problems of its IPO, but [...]


Trump Argues Any Current Business Problems are "Bad Management"

From an interview the other day Q I can read you the tweet, Mr. President. You said that, “Badly run and weak companies are smartly blaming these small tariffs instead of themselves…” THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. A lot of badly run companies are trying to blame tariffs. In other words, if they’re running badly and they’re [...]


Why California Forcing Uber Drivers to Become Employees May Hurt Many Drivers

Apparently California is close to a new law mandating that Uber drivers (and other “gig” economy workers) be treated as employees rather than independent contractors.  Progressives are cheering this as a victory for the drivers: Billionaires who say they can’t pay minimum wages to their workers say they will spend tens of millions to avoid [...]


A Quick Privacy Quest Update

 The Brave browser is terrific and an essentially seamless transition from Chrome.  I depend too much on Lastpass and needed a browser it would work with, and it works just fine in Brave.  I am sure Brave is more vulnerable than they let on but it is an almost no-brainer upgrade from Chrome. DuckDuckGo is [...]


Trump Tariffs May Have Been Protecting A Goldman Sachs-led Aluminum Price Fixing Ring

The very first tariff President Trump imposed in 2008 was a 10% tariff on aluminum imports.  Because those desperate aluminum makers in the US needed protection from foreign competition.  Or someone did. It turns out that earlier in the decade Goldman Sachs is accused of leading a price fixing ring that attempted to corner the [...]


Amazon Fires, Summer of the Shark, and the Unintended Consequences of Stupid Climate Policy (ie Ethanol Mandates)

I know I have told the story of the “Summer of the Shark” before, but I need to repeat it again because it is so relevant to the Amazon fire story let’s take a step back to 2001 and the “Summer of the Shark.” The media hysteria began in early July, when a young boy [...]


The Knives May Finally Be Coming Out for Elon Musk: Vanity Fair Discovers the Tesla-Solar City Sham

Back in June, 2016 Tesla (a car maker) made an offer to buy SolarCity (an installer of rooftop solar). One does not need 3 years of distance to figure out the acquisition made no sense, I (along with many others) thought it was crazy at the time: I am sure there are probably some hippy-dippy [...]


Why I (Mostly) Don’t Blog About Climate Anymore

Recently the journal Nature published a “study” arguing that climate contrarians got too much media attention and that, essentially, the media needs to stop quoting them.  A part of the study included a list of climate skeptics and their media influence scores. It was a little off-putting to be left off this black list, though [...]


Can We Never Learn From The Our Failures With Cuba?

Apparently the American embargo and blockade of Cuba have worked so well that Trump wants to try the same thing with Venezuela Axios is calling it President Trump’s Venezuela naval blockade “obsession” based on accounts of unnamed administration officials: “President Trump has suggested to national security officials that the U.S. should station Navy ships along the Venezuelan coastline to [...]


Who Could Have Possibly Predicted This? Solar Roads a Failure

I seem to have established a couple of tiny blogging niches for myself, as there are two things with an absolute certainty that readers will email me — solar road stories and pictures of steam plumes used to illustrate pollution articles. So as not to disappoint my loyal readership in these two niches, Popular Mechanics [...]

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