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Terrible Symbolism

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I know that many of my readers have more skepticism than I about open immigration.  We will leave that for another day.  But I am not sure how any American who prides themselves on American exceptionalism and our leading role in the world promoting freedom wouldn’t cringe at seeing these pictures.  What a terrible image they will make running for thousands of unbroken miles.

BN VU760 3gM33 M 20171026103325 650x433 Terrible Symbolism

I am not sure why we are going through all this engineering effort when we could just be borrowing from the experts:

Berlin Wall 2 650x327 Terrible Symbolism

Postscript:  Congrats to our local entrants from the Phoenix area firm that submitted by far the ugliest design.

BN VU363 1025wa JV 20171025154853 433x650 Terrible Symbolism

 Terrible Symbolism  Terrible Symbolism  Terrible Symbolism

 Terrible Symbolism

share save 171 16 Terrible Symbolism


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