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The Weirdness That Is Twitter

Posted by on | August 9, 2018 | Comments Off

So the last couple of days I was bored and I logged into Twitter for the first time in a while and spent a few hours trying to convince myself that if I really wanted to, I could build a presence on Twitter.   Increased my follower count from about 1000 to about 1300 and got some notice and retweets.  And pretty much zero satisfaction, so I think we are going to declare that experiment over for a while.  But, this time, unlike the last effort, I managed to pretty much remain a nice guy and not become a hateful troll, so that is a step forward.

Anyway, weirdly, I managed in the process to create my single most — by far — liked and retweeted post, and it is really random.  It was just a toss-off reply to @popehat when he asked rhetorically if dentists all hire awful lawyers.  So I wrote this (which is an entirely true experience)

When I was at Harvard B-School, in an investment analysis class, if the investment sucked the professor would say, “who do we sell this to?” and the class would scream “doctors!” If the investment really, really sucked, we all screamed “dentists!”

— Coyoteblog (@Coyoteblog) August 8, 2018


 The Weirdness That Is Twitter  The Weirdness That Is Twitter  The Weirdness That Is Twitter

 The Weirdness That Is Twitter

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