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Automated Response

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Check out these two Tweets. 

 Automated Response



Here’s the Governor’s response

 Automated Response

For those of you keeping track, this is the second time in as many weeks that the Governor has had an interview with reporters, they write a story claiming that he said something controversial and then his spokesman denies it and provides the transcript.

The first time was Howie Fischer’s Marijuana story.  Now we have this one. 

Well, I’ve read both transcripts and both stories and I can explain what’s happening.  The reporters are asking Governor Ducey questions and he is saying words, but those words are NOT responses to the questions. 

Ducey does not answer controversial questions.  He listens to questions and then inserts the most appropriate sound bite.  These are canned responses to broad topics.  They are not answers to actual questions. 

Both sides are contributing to the confusion.  Reporters make the mistake of asking loaded questions in an attempt to paint Ducey in a corner.  Ducey for his part takes a cue from the topic of the question, and parrots back the same talking points that he has been using for years.  Reporters then make the (faulty) assumption that Ducey has answered their question.  So we get exchanges like this.

 Automated Response

I have to give the reporters a little bit of slack on this one.  They desperately wanted Ducey answer the question and it sounded like he was at least on topic.  After all, his lips were moving and I’m sure that he looked almost natural.  So they could not tell that Ducey was actually ignoring the questions and picking an automated response.

Let me show you what the Governor sees when he is conducting and interview.

 Automated Response

I know what response I would choose.  

I think he should be commended for sticking to his talking points.







 Automated Response  Automated Response  Automated Response
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