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Benefit of the Doubt Indeed

Posted by on | June 20, 2018 | Comments Off

Don Shooter and Ann Kirkpatrick have both won the cases in which their opponents challenged their residency. 

The Republic’s Abe Kwok has written an interesting column on the history of challenges to residency.  Kwok lists challenges to Sylvia Laughter, Carlyle Begay, Polly Rosenbaum and Darin Mitchell.  Kwok correctly points out that these challenges were unsuccessful and that indeed the cases are almost always unsuccessful. 

The cases affirm the notion that candidates called into question get the benefit of the doubt.

Kwok is close.  The candidates get the benefit of the doubt in the courts.  If you look closely at Kwok’s list, the Democrats got the benefit of the doubt from both the courts and the newspapers.  Sure, there was coverage, but it was the normal coverage that you would see when a candidate is sued.

However, the only Republican on that list is Darin Mitchell.  Did the media give Mitchell the benefit of the doubt?


Laurie Roberts alone wrote ten separate columns in which she mocked Mitchell–the most recent being a full four years after he won his case. 

The courts have standards and try to treat parties fairly. 

The media…not so much.


 Benefit of the Doubt Indeed  Benefit of the Doubt Indeed  Benefit of the Doubt Indeed
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