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Charlie doesn’t get much USO

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We all know happens when a highly equipped, highly trained professional army is forced to fight a guerilla engagement in a dense urban/forest/jungle environment.  Now take what you know about Viet Nam, the American Colonies or Iraq and apply it to modern journalism and you will understand why journalists should avoid Twitter.   Check out this Tweet by Mark Curtis.

 Charlie doesnt get much USOThis guy is part of the Gannett behemoth and has the power of a full TV Station behind him and yet in one Tweet manages to fulfill every stereotype of the vapid Teleprompter parrot.  How can someone be so shallow that he mocks someone’s tragic death?  Starting with the sentence “While I feel bad for the family…” only makes is worse.  Curtis actually thought abut the impact on the family and STILL mocked the tragedy.   In a later version this Tweet, he wrote ”#Karma.”  And it certainly doesn’t help that his profile picture shows him laughing like a junior high boy saying “hey, pull my finger.”

Just in case you think that Curtis can do more than read a Teleprompter, check out the groan-inducing misuse of the word ”sew” instead of “sow.” 

 Charlie doesnt get much USONow take a look at Mary Jo Pitzl’s Tweet about Governor Ducey vetoing a bill that expanded the rights of student journalists.   What do the University Presidents, Regents and Mascots have to do with this story?  Are they watching the veto?  Are they part of the criticism?  Of course not.  Mary Jo Tweeted the wrong picture–in this case, Ducey signing the University Bonding package

Where’s the correction?  Don’t be silly.  They don’t issue corrections on Tweets, they just quietly change them.  If Mary Jo had been writing for the paper, she probably would have been more careful…but hey, Tweets have different standards.

 Charlie doesnt get much USOHow about this Tweet claiming that Sen. John Kavanagh is trying to “ban pesky public records requests.”  This is of course complete fiction and Hank Stephenson from Capitol Times should know that it’s fiction because Capitol Times ran a Howie Fischer story that correctly describes the bill. 

State lawmakers are making a new bid to make it easier for public officials to deny requests for records they believe are “unduly burdensome or harassing.”

The proposal by Sen. John Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, leaves in place existing requirements for records to be open to public inspection. And it spells out that those who are denied access can sue and recover their legal fees.

But SB1019 adds a requirement that the records sought be identified with “reasonable particularity.”

Potentially more significant, it provides public officials with the ability to claim that “the request for access to public records is unduly burdensome or harassing.”

That’s obviously not a “ban”–it’s barely a tweak and if Stephenson had been paying attention he wouldn’t have made a fool of himself and his paper.

 Charlie doesnt get much USOMeanwhile Twitter is the PERFECT medium for the nimble jungle fighter.  Check out this devastating Tweet by Consantin Querard (CQ).  (In case you don’t get it the man in the picture is FORMER Congressman Matt Salmon. CQ is an expert and doesn’t feel the need to explain his Tweet–that’s one of the things that makes it so devastating.)

Why is CQ so much more effective on Twitter than mainstream reporters?  Because he’s a lot smarter and more experienced–he has an engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines and a Masters from Thunderbird and has one more political races than any other Arizona political consultant.  Twitter strips away the power structure that surrounds and protects mainstream reporters and makes them compete hand-to-hand with guys like CQ.  Without the TV or newspaper infrastructure to support them, the reporters make fools of themselves.

 Now THAT deserves “#karma”.



 Charlie doesnt get much USO  Charlie doesnt get much USO  Charlie doesnt get much USO
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