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Insight into the soul

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I love reading Tweets by reporters.  Unlike actual articles in which reporters try to hide their ignorance, cynicism and bias, in tweets they put all three on full display. 

Check out this exchange. 

   Insight into the soul

These tweets provide great insight reporters’ thinking.  Notice that this is a no win for Ducey. What if he had said that he was NOT “open” to appointing Corporation Commissioners?  Then they would have tweeted that Ducey opposes ACC reform.

The reporters don’t seem to understand that their fundamental point is wrong–and if they had put even cursory thought into their tweets, they would have known that they were wrong.  When is the earliest that this proposal could be implemented? Well, it would have to be on the 2018 ballot, so who ever is elected Governor in 2018 would get to make the appointment.  When a structural reform takes place after an election, it’s hard to argue that the person instituting that reform is enhancing his own power. 

OK.  So let’s say that Ducey win re-election and the Constitutional amendment to appoint the ACC passes. What about the Commissioners elected in 2018?  Whoever wins the 2018 Gubernatorial election would not appoint them because they would be grandfathered until 2022 which means that whoever is Governor after Ducey gets re-elected would make those appointments.

So at best, if this proposal passes and if he is re-elected then in 2021 he would be replacing the Commissioners who were elected in 2016.  

Now let’s think about his options in 2021.   Do you think he gets to appoint a five-member Republican Commission?  That’s what we have now.  So if Ducey gets re-elected and if Democrats continue their long streak of not winning any statewide offices, then Ducey would be unable to name more than one Republican in 2021. 

Some power grab.

It used to be that newspapers had enough formal structure that reporters were actually journalists rather than just purveyors of cynical gossip.  Twitter shows us that the old world is gone.







 Insight into the soul  Insight into the soul  Insight into the soul
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