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My Dave Munsey Story…..

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Channel 10′s Dave Munsey is retiring.  I only met him once, but the meeting was so fantastic that I thought you might want to hear about it.

In 1988—yes, 29 years ago–KSLX radio station held a Christmas scavenger hunt.  Contestants had to make a sign that said “KSLX” and then take pictures of themselves with the sign at a location that the radio station would announce each morning.  Any contestant who managed to get all 12 pictures, would bring his sign and set of pictures to a KSLX event and the morning team would judge the entries on creativity and narrative. 

Naturally, the first few pictures were easy.  The first picture was “A picture of you and your sign in your neighbor’s yard.”  Once the morning team realized that thousands of people were participating they had to make it more difficult.  Eventually they got to “A Picture of you and your sign on television.”

The theme of my presentation was “The Greatest Story Never Told.”  In each of the pictures I added the twist that I was either sneaking into, or getting thrown out of the particular venue.  That would work really well for TV because I was going to have to record the evening news and then track down one of the live shots and run through it.  Then when I had a copy of the VCR tape, I could play it back and take a picture of it on TV.  Piece of cake.

I set the VCR to record the Channel 10 evening show because Dave Munsey was scheduled to do a live broadcast from the Salvation Army and I intended to run through his shot. 

I arrived right before they went live and rather than just run through, I told Dave about the contest and what I planned to do.  He thought it was a great idea.  Since he wasn’t going to throw me out, I walked through the shot slowly and then turn and walked through it again.  Dave managed to keep a straight face during the interview and even posed for pictures with me afterwards. 

I brought my own photographer, so this first picture is an off stage view of me walking through the live shot.  The second picture is how it looked on TV. 

I came in second in the contest and received a $500 Marriot gift certificate.  Debbie and I drove to San Francisco and then stayed a week in Monterey.  Thanks Dave!

 My Dave Munsey Story.....


 My Dave Munsey Story.....







 My Dave Munsey Story.....  My Dave Munsey Story.....  My Dave Munsey Story.....
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