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The True State of Journalism

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   The True State of Journalism



Three points:

Hypocrisy:  Can you imagine if an elected official had said this?  Remember, these are the same guys who claim that Donald Trump is unhinged.

Industry decline:  If a journalist had done something like this 20 years ago, the security guard would have scrapped the parking decal off of his car and they would have mailed him the stuff from his desk.  Frankly that’s what should happen here. 

Credibility:  Look at the posts above and below.  At the top, Hansen proclaims that he covers the Arizona congressional delegation and the economy.  The tweet below highlights an article about a complex political topic.  And in the middle…well the real Ronald J. Hansen.  Is there any reason to believe that someone with poor enough judgment to write the middle tweet is competent enough to handle the topics at the top or the bottom?



 The True State of Journalism  The True State of Journalism  The True State of Journalism
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