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Worsley Punks the Media on his way out.

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The story was too perfect to pass up–or verify. 

In a surprising move, a centrist Republican Senator from Mesa is finally so fed up with bitter partisanship that he decides not to seek re-election.  Bob Worsley used a Republic OP ED to shock the political world with his announcement. 

Regrettably, I now feel I can better impact society through resuming my private endeavors than by continuing in elected office while the GOP takes a nap. 

 Here’s Howie Fischer’s take on the story.

   Worsley Punks the Media on his way out.

Too bad that Worsely’s narrative is fake.  Don’t take my word for it. 

Here’s what he told the Yellow Sheets. 

Worsley told our reporter this morning that his decision to retire was made a year ago while he and his wife traveled in New Zealand. He was simply waiting for the right candidate to take his place as the Republican senator in LD25, he said.

Incredible.  Worsley admits that a year ago he decided not to seek re-election.  However, instead of announcing that he was not running and allowing interested candidates to run for office, Worsely hid his intentions and pretended to run for office.  He collected signatures, turned them in, qualified for the ballot and then AFTER THE DEADLINE TO FILE revealed to the world that he was not running.  He then removed his name from the ballot leaving the “right candidate” unopposed. 

That is a despicable dirty trick. 

On his way out, he punked the media by claiming that he was somehow driven out by the vitriol.

Now that Worsley has admitted his dirty trick, and the members of the media realize that they have been played, it will be interesting to see if they call Worsley out for his deception. 

Meanwhile, meet your Republican nominee, some guy named Pace who no one has heard of but is now unopposed because Bob Worsley was “simply waiting for the right candidate.”

 Worsley Punks the Media on his way out.  Worsley Punks the Media on his way out.  Worsley Punks the Media on his way out.
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