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Three Robot Vacuums That Dominate the Market

Posted by on | October 13, 2018 | No Comments

Vacuuming the entire house is a mundane and monotonous activity. And the tech innovation of robot vacuum was intended to overcome that particular problem. Even though the robots can work only on a flat and hard surface (the floor), they can already provide great help to reduce the house chore responsibility, especially if your house is the spacious one.

However, robot vacuums are sold at around $300 to $600. You might have been wondering if they are worth the price. Here, we will explore the popular products in the market and evaluate their functionality.

Cecotec’s Conga Excellence 990

Conga robot vacuums are among the best seller items in the biggest retail company in the world, Amazon. The main reason for that is Conga’s alternatively affordable price. It is sold at around $300, and it comes with vacuum and sweeps features already. Normally, with that price range, you can’t get a decent robot vacuum. However, Cecotec has provided you otherwise.

You will find Conga Excellence most useful if you have carpets at home because the sweeps feature works best at brushing the dirt on a fabric surface. Marble flooring does need some vacuuming occasionally, but dust cannot stick onto its surface, and the sweeps feature will be useless. For more information about Conga Excellence, you can read a review on It is best for you to look for multiple sources before you decide to buy a robot vacuum.

Samsung PowerBot R7065

The first time you observe Samsung’s robot vacuum, you will get amazed by the genius design.


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