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Amazing! Republic gets honest

Posted by on | December 9, 2017 | No Comments

Imagine our surprise when we turned to the local newspaper’s Business Section — OK, it’s only two pages, but the failing newspaper with the USA Today insert tries to sound fully packed — and found a report headlined, “Republic Services names new chief.”

Who, we wondered, was being replaced? And why would anyone who qualifies as a “chief” want to sign on with the dying Arizona Republic newspaper?  Such swirling queries piqued our interest enough to read further.

In a remarkable coincidence the similarly named company, described as “Arizona’s most valuable corporation” — generating $billions in annual revenue — is, in fact, “a Phoenix-based trash hauler and recycler.”

We’ve accused the local newspaper of hauling trash and disseminating garbage for years. Unlike their similar namesake, it is not generating $billions.


 Amazing! Republic gets honest  Amazing! Republic gets honest

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