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Amid global chaos NFL continues to disrespect USA

Posted by on | October 1, 2017 | No Comments

As Spanish police shoot rubber bullets and injure over 300 Spaniards, shutting down elections on the government’s banned Catalan separatist referendum, America’s overpaid and under educated NFL players continue to engage in anti-American protests.

Ignorant of history, they stand for “God Save The Queen” while playing in England, but ‘take a knee’ during the playing of our national anthem and offensively disrespect our American flag.

The players’ ongoing  despicable actions have  caused fans who just want to watch football, to abandon the teams they’ve previously cheered, while paying astronomical prices for tickets and memorabilia. American citizens, fans and non-fans alike, have paid  $billions in tax dollars financing ever more grandiose stadium construction nationwide, as reported by The Daily Signal.

Before any more games are scheduled, NFL players should be required to take remedial history courses. They might realize how fortunate they are to live in the liberty-based United States of America, with free elections — rather than be governed by linage-based monarchies, repressive religions or brutal dictatorships.

If the players don’t like it here,  they’re free to go. They might prefer North Korea, Haiti, Afghanistan, Venezuela or any of the impoverished, terror-sponsoring regimes and corrupt nations of the Mideast, Africa, Asia or South America. There’s a wide world from which to choose.

 Amid global chaos NFL continues to disrespect USA  Amid global chaos NFL continues to disrespect USA

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