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As if you need more reasons to ditch the Arizona Republic

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It’s no secret the Hillary Clinton-endorsing Arizona Republic is a leftist propaganda machine disseminating skewed news. It spews anti-Trump venom every day. Today’s edition is a indisputable example of the far left bias it promulgates masquerading as news.

Front page:

A report headlined, “First Lady expected to visit Tucson today.” It relates that the information they report about her expected visit was provided by an “unnamed source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to disclose information about the First Lady’s itinerary.” Mrs. Trump’s spokeswomen declined to provide specifies about a trip. Given the outbreaks of vicious confrontations of cabinet members and Republican elected officials, being verbally assaulted and threatened by mobs of recruited liberals, and threats lodged against member of the First Family and their children, this is the pinnacle of reckless reporting.

Inside Pages:

“Official: Migrant families won’t reunite while parent in custody.”

This separation policy escalated under Barack Obama, but you’d never know that reading the local newspaper. American citizens who are incarcerated for crimes are not reunited with their families, either. This manufactured story of children wrested from the arms of adoring parents has been used by the liberal media to inflame.  Many of the children who have arrived were with unrelated individuals or traveling alone, subject to criminal exploitation. The photo-shopped Time magazine cover depicting a sobbing 2-year-old girl being glared down upon by President Trump, carrying the title, “Welcome to America,” was later revealed by her father to be bogus. Her mother, who left other children in Honduras, was within eyeshot of the child.

E.J. Montini’s deceitful and intended to inflame column bears the headline, “Travel ban is a Muslim ban — so why lie about it?”

Lead editorial:

Fearful of another Republican being appointed to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy, a Reagan appointee who at 82 announced his retirement Wednesday, today’s editorial is headlined, “Why Democrats must win the senate.”

 Editorial cartoon:

A grotesque depiction of President Trump, sporting a pig snout and ears, wearing lipstick, with his teeth spelling the words “National Security” while his jacket lapel has the words, “Total and complete Muslim ban” scribbled in red lipstick.

This deceit passing as journalism is what a newspaper subscription supports.

But there is good news in the Business Section report. Gannett, the parent company of the Arizona Republic, is selling the building and parking garage to an as yet undisclosed buyer at a still undisclosed price. The failing newspaper will still occupy offices in the building where it has been housed for decades, leasing back it’s formerly owned space.  Imagine the dire circumstances that would force a family to engage in such a deal with their home.

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