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AZ 2018 senate race: Ward crushes Flake 47-21 in new poll

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Republicans peel away from liberal Flake after his refusal to support the Republican presidential nominee, who he continues to insult after Donald Trump was elected president 

 This past Friday, SRAZ posted “Poll: Jeff Flake in deep trouble with AZ voters,” in which we cited polling data indicating incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake was trailing challenger Dr. Kelli Ward by 14 points in the 2018 U.S. Senate race.

 Those numbers were definitely worth crowing about —- until now.

A newer survey conducted August 26-27 has even more substantive findings. JMC Analytics shows Republicrat Jeff Flake falling even further behind conservative Kelli Ward, a physician and  former two-term state senator by an even greater margin of 26 points.  Only 21 percent of Arizona Republicans support Flake for reelection in a match up against Kelli Ward— who gets 47 percent support. Yes, you red that right, she more than doubles his numbers.

Flake’s low level of support remains constant. In July, Morning Consult Senate Approval Rankings found only one senator facing re-election next year — Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona — has an approval rating lower than his disapproval rating.

Despite a no-holds-barred campaign on Flake’s behalf by Sen. McCain and retiring Sen. Kyl, Flake just barely squeaked into office in his initial 2012 senate race, with a 3 percent edge over former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, a member of George W. Bush’s administration who ran as a Democrat.

The latest low numbers reflect Flake’s first term in the senate after six terms in the U.S. House, where he deceptively broke his campaign pledge to term limit himself to three 2-year terms. Flake grinned while admitting, “I lied.”

Read more about Jeff Flake in Reaping what he has sown.

Conservatives are lining up behind principled Dr. Kelli Ward, who represents their values.


 AZ 2018 senate race: Ward crushes Flake 47 21 in new poll  AZ 2018 senate race: Ward crushes Flake 47 21 in new poll

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