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AZ CD 8: political reality show within days of election

Posted by on | February 22, 2018 | No Comments

Solid red congressional district suddenly plagued by blunderous candidates

Wednesday was a full news day — of the wacky variety.  First there was the report of candidate Steve Montenegro, who resigned his state legislative seat in mid-December to run for Congress, exchanging steamy text messages with a legislative staffer while he was still a state lawmaker. A pastor and former Trent Franks’ district representative — carrying high level endorsements including Franks, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Rick Santorum and Ted Cruz — is now being counseled to end his campaign. These are his positions on the issues.

Debbie Lesko, regarded as the front-runner in the crowded GOP field is facing accusations of funding Conservative Leadership for Arizona (CLA), a super PAC endorsing her candidacy with an infusion of $50,000 from her Senate reelection campaign fund. The intrigue-o-meter is reaching epic levels since it appears the group (CLA) is a construct of her strategist.

The Special Primary Election to fill the congressional seat from which U.S. Rep. Trent Franks resigned is Feb. 27, 2018.

Early Trump supporter Phil Lovas, who has been running behind the two now troubled front-runners, stands to benefit from their missteps. His claims of imposing term limits resonate with voters, but have no realistic expectation of coming to fruition, since no incumbents will vote in favor of their own political demise or to end the pensions they’ve earned, another Lovas campaign pledge.

Former Corporation Commissioner Bob Stump is increasingly well positioned as the Arizona congressional train abruptly switches gears.

Montenegro, Lesko, Lovas and Stump all identify as political conservatives.

The list of candidates is here. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) provides the candidate and committee viewer here.

Stay tuned.

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