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AZ Republic admits peddling fake news

Posted by on | June 3, 2018 | No Comments

Agenda-driven bogus tales take on a life of their own

National Review headlines its recent blockbuster report, “Arizona Republic Corrects Misleading ‘Lost Kids’ Article.”

“Misleading” is too lenient a term to accurately describe the blatant falsehoods shamefully passing as fact at Arizona’s newspaper of record.

The exposé on the failing newspaper, which derives its life-sustaining oxygen from promoting illegals and their causes, is another nail in the publication’s ‘fast and loose with the truth’ coffin.

The newspaper’s lies were bellowed with the fervor of a carnival midway barker. They were the basis of a vicious twitter campaign waged against Ivanka Trump for posting a picture of her holding her young son.

A baseless news report, the effort of two reporters — one a self identified diversity reporter and the other an “aspiring broadcast journalist” ASU student — was titled, “#WhereAreTheChildren social-media campaign calls on feds to find missing migrant children.”

The report states, “A campaign calling on the U.S. to find nearly 1,500 migrant children taken into custody and then misplaced by the government gained traction on social media Saturday and Sunday. The #WhereAreTheChildren hashtag came in response to news that a federal agency misplaced 1,475 children, many of whom traveled alone to the U.S. to escape abuse and poverty,” they write. This single line blows a mile-wide hole in the story that children have been ripped from their parents arms at the border.

The fact that this was baseless propaganda is irrelevant. Leftist propagandists have a job to do and lies to spew, which remains the sole consideration.

It stands to reason that eager liberal mouthpiece, columnist E.J. Montini wrote, “The feds lost – yes, lost – 1,475 migrant children.” Montini’s deceit was printed as fact in the AZ Republic and USA Today, another Gannett publication, where it later reran with this retraction:

Corrections & Clarifications: An earlier version of this column mischaracterized the legal status of 1,475 undocumented migrant children who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without their parents. Those children were placed in the custody of sponsors screened by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. They are no longer in federal custody.

It’s bad enough when the newspaper uses an array of equivocators as a device to slickly influence readers. t’s quite another matter when boldface lies are given a glossy patina and peddled as truth.

National Review deserves commendation for exposing the deceit and the Arizona Republic’s correction.  Unfortunately, many will miss this rare mea culpa and buy into the lost children fiction.

No one has yet discovered a way to unring a bell.

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