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AZ Republic headline gives conservatives hope

Posted by on | December 12, 2017 | No Comments

The headline in the left-wing Arizona Republic newspaper is a head turner: “Removal process of feral hogs continues across New Mexico.“

Will the trend catch on and continue across the wide expanse of the entire United States? It sounds like New Mexico is eradicating its Democrat population, so fond of the concept of nanny government (brief video).

It’s also reminiscent of a previous post (March 26, 2011) on the topic of capturing wild hogs.

This parable defines the issue of government dependency: 

Years ago a wise farmer noticed that wild pigs roamed freely in the woods adjacent to his farm. “If I could just capture some of those wild pigs, I could fatten them up and reap financial rewards,” he told his neighbor.  But the neighbor scoffed, “Those pigs are wild animals, clever in fending for themselves. You can never round them up.”

The wild pigs were suspicious of any advances by the farmer. However, the farmer was a very patient man, and knew the rewards would be great if he was able to gain their trust. The farmer set out with his plan to tame the beasts.

His plan evolved. Each day he took corn and tossed it in the woods where the pigs could safely feast under the cover of darkness. Gradually, as the pigs grew less cautious, the farmer scattered the corn in a pasture located nearer the farmhouse. Then he set about hammering in fence posts around one side of the pasture. That night, the pigs noticed the posts with some curiosity but were eager to dig into the big pile of corn the farmer had left them. A few nights later, they noticed more posts had been erected. At last, the farmer attached wire to the posts around the perimeter but the corn inside was so enticing and delicious that they gobbled it up as they had gotten used to doing, setting aside any apprehension they had about the fence.

Finally, the pigs noticed there was a fence around the entire pasture with a wide and welcoming gate, swung open and leading to where the sweet corn was piled high. Although a few pigs were suspicious and refused to enter the gate, the more fearless ones entered the enclosure. After several nights when no harm came to them, the others decided to join in the banquet and gorged to their delight, as pigs do.

Then late one night as the pigs were busy feeding, the farmer quietly walked up to the gate, closed and locked it.

So it is with reliance on government to meet our basic needs. The trap is set.  We simply have to anticipate the gate swinging shut on us.

 AZ Republic headline gives conservatives hope  AZ Republic headline gives conservatives hope

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