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AZ Republic: It’s time to rewrite what America’s about

Posted by on | March 6, 2018 | No Comments

Caustic, divisive newspaper asserts, our sense of unity is fracturing

Among citizens who honor the United States of America, there is little doubt what our unique nation is “about.”  Most Americans would respond to such a query with variations on the theme of liberty, self-governance and nearly limitless opportunity for those who avail themselves of what the USA has to offer..

We’ve thrived as a team composed of players from vastly different backgrounds, whose common purpose was to have a free and prosperous society, beneficial to all. It was called unity, which trumps separatism and celebrations of diversity any day of the week.

The term “melting pot” was often used to describe the willing immersion of immigrants who came to America legally, millions through Ellis Island from 1892 to 1954. Whether from Western or Eastern Europe, Asia or myriad points beyond, they thrilled at the sight of the Statue of Liberty, a gift from France dedicated in New York harbor in 1886, accepted our history as their own, learned English and assimilated to our culture. Those were key elements to what was known as Americanization, which was a good thing.

 The Arizona Republic, citing an agendized PBS program, contends that we are “one nation, irreconcilable,” with people “increasingly identifying themselves by racial, ethnic, gender, generational, political, social and economic groups.”

The newspaper has suddenly become reticent, giving itself no recognition for expanding those differences on an ongoing basis. It duplicitously asserts, “As our sense of unity is fracturing, it’s worth asking if our national story is still about a shared sense of purpose in a land of opportunity. It’s worth asking what holds us together.”

Today the multicultural trendiness of celebrating diversity rather that unity, has undermined our team spirit. Democrats have cultivated identity politics. Not so long ago, it was noble to believe that with diligence anyone could aspire to what was known as, “The American Dream.” Today newcomers are told the deck is stacked against them, and only the Democrats care enough to get the gravy train rolling on their behalf.  Under this fraudulent premise, entrepreneurship is discouraged.

East Indian-born conservative political commentator, film maker and author Dinesh D’Souza has compiled a list of “10 great things about America,” that what’s left of the editorial board of the Arizona Republic should review. D’Souza’s commentary was written in 2003, but remains as relevant as if it were composed last week. It might make the editorial board rethink their foolish joint effort titled, “Time to rewrite what America’s about?”

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