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AZ Republic signals love fest with McSally is over

Posted by on | May 22, 2018 | No Comments

Before the leftist editorial board at the Arizona Republic bestows its liberal U.S. Senate endorsement, undercard hack columnist Laurie Roberts sucker punches Martha McSally, verbally knocking her around with a hard uppercut and blackening an eye.

In the warm-up to the August 28, 2018 Primary Election, it’s Roberts’ duty to to sufficiently batter McSally, ultimately paving the way for radical-pretending-to-be–mainstream Krysten Sinema, whose ads don’t reveal her party affiliation, former association with the Communist Party, bisexuality and atheism, to slither in as the liberal challenger to go head-to-head in the General Election with a Republican. On its “Immigration Report Card,” NumbersUSA rates Sinema and John McCain with an F-.

SRAZ supports conservative Dr. Kelli Ward.

Roberts accuses McSally (frequently referred to here as Sally McCain) of flip-flopping on gifting amnesty to the so-called DACA recipients — those who claim they were brought here as minors by their illegal invader parents. There is no means of verifying their claims of when or how they arrived in the U.S. or enforcing any standards to pay fines, learn English or be of reputable character, set by their advocates. In 2017, they were likely underestimated at 800,000. Repeatedly referred to as “kids” they can be up to age 35, meaning many are actually grandparents.

Giving Roberts heartburn is the fact that McSally has removed herself as a co-sponsor of a sweeping amnesty bill that grants citizenship to  those claiming to have been illegally brought here as childhood arrivals. (The newspaper appears to have an auto-mechanism to add the words “through no fault of their own.”) The Senate seat is open due to Jeff Flake, with bottom dragging 18% polling numbers due to his incessant Trump-bashing, withdrawing from his reelection bid.

Few will forget Barack Obama who pushed DACA through, repeatedly saying (video) he couldn’t legally do what he did.

As though there is no significant national or international news, today’s edition of the Republic focuses Page One attention on Meghan McCain’s contention that she’s no longer afraid to die because her dad “will be waiting for her on the other side.”

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