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AZ Republic’s embarrassing “new” news reporting

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Would mature journalists refer to a little girl missing overnight as taking part in an “urban camping adventure”?

It took two top-notch Arizona Republic reporters to teach readers the latest techniques in delivering news.

Jason Pohl and Chris McCrory collaborated on an creatively written report about an 8-year-old Mesa girl who disappeared from school and was missing overnight.  In novella style, the time frame was described, “As day turned to night and night turned to morning.”  That’s gotta be unconcealed aiming for a Pulitzer.

As would be expected in such a terrifying state of circumstances, the resulting 17-hour search included over one hundred trained investigators and teams of volunteers.

Oddly, the reporters named the little girl, who it turns out, spent the night at an “improvised campsite in a grown-over area” near the school. She went prepared, the duo write, “packing a bottle of water and extra granola bars from her friend, who backed out of the “adventure at the last minute.”

According to the headline, the child was simply engaging in “urban camping.”

There are too many questions arising from this report to spend time itemizing. It’s enough to say the terminology is bizarre. Our hunch Pohl and McCrory might be students or recent grads from ASU’s J School proved to be correct.

This is what happens when seasoned reporters and editors are laid off or take early retirements when lucrative buy-outs are offered by the failing Hillary-endorsing newspaper desperate to sustain itself Current, not day-old  news is now instantly available in a wide variety of outlets. Newspapers are called Newsosaurs for a reason.

 AZ Republic’s embarrassing “new” news reporting  AZ Republic’s embarrassing “new” news reporting

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