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AZ teachers shamefully shut down schools

Posted by on | March 22, 2018 | No Comments

Wearing red T-shirts emblazoned with “#RedForEd,” hundreds of Pendergast School District teachers staged a fake “sick out” abandoning their classrooms Wednesday protesting what they claim are low wages. Their actions left working parents scrambling for day care — many had to leave their own jobs, putting their livelihood risk — as teachers taught students the valuable lesson that not showing up for work is a productive way to air grievances.

We hear a lot about underpaid teachers. Teachers protest and school districts hold budget overrides and bond elections to “get more money into the classroom” —- eduspeak for bolstering teacher’s salaries. A major premise of passing the Arizona Lottery in 1980 was that money from ticket purchases would make its way to schools. 

Passage of ballot propositions — 301 in 2000 increasing the state sales tax and 123 in 2016 a grab from the state land trust — guaranteed more money, which apparently is never enough.

How is it that “underpaid” teachers are able to send union dues specifically earmarked to fund mostly liberal politicians?  These are the people who spend more time influencing American students than their parents do. Consider why leftist Barack Obama and self-declared Socialist Bernie Sanders cornered the youth vote.

Open Secrets/The Center for Responsive Politics shows the $ millions the National Education Association (NEA) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) lobbying arms give to the most left-wing elected officials. The AFT gave not one thin dime to Republicans.

There are problems that appear endemic to the schools of education from which the teachers graduate and, consequently, the teachers as well, that have nothing to do with money. Sample certification test questions are included in Dr. Walter Williams’ columnEducational Rot,” with Arizona represented, exposing the shockingly low bar for getting hired. Reading it will  arm you with crucial information about many of your kid’s teachers, without having to join and pay dues to radical teachers’ unions.

Arizona Education Association members recently marched at the Arizona Capitol protesting tuition tax credits. Allowing taxpayers to make tax-deductible contributions to the private, parochial or charter schools of their choice is anathema to the educrat unionists, who want unfettered control as they indoctrinate students, denying parental choice.

Arizona Education Project disproves the educrat notion that due to low wages, Arizona schools are at the lowest rung in the nation. You’ll read that five of the top seven public high schools in America are located here in Arizona, according to US News & World Report – in Scottsdale, Tucson, Oro Valley, Peoria, and Chandler.

Read 10 Facts You May Not Know About Education in Arizona. It’s news you need and aren’t getting. Armed with the facts, it’s time for informed parents to march. The only roadblock is they have jobs where their presence is required. And unlike teachers, they don’t have the luxury of frequent half days. lengthy holiday vacations or the entire summer off.

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