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Calif. wine county fires: illegal alien in custody

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Just another swell guy “coming to do the work Americans refuse to do”?

 On the heels of California Gov. Jerry Brown signing  Senate Bill No. 54, a “sanctuary state” bill intended to restrict cooperation between local police and federal immigration officials (ICE) — and preventing officers from inquiring about immigration status when a suspect is stopped — an arrest has been made in the devastating wine county fires, that have brought death and inconceivable destruction to the idyllic havens of Napa and Sonoma.

Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, 29, a twice deported illegal alien has been arrested on felony arson charges. The impact of the deadly fires that swept across the region is massive, killing at least 42 people, with 310 still missing, displacing over 100,000 residents and destroying over 5,500 homes and businesses. More than 200,000 acres have been scorched.

Gonzales is known to his fellow homeless chums who sleep under bridges, as having a fascination with fire, often setting flame to dry brush in the area. He is scheduled to be arraigned Monday. Sheriff’s officials in Sonoma County said Gonzalez was being held on $110,000 bail, just $10,000 for the arson charge he is facing and $100,000 for an unrelated outstanding warrant.

Reuters reports a Department of Justice spokesman said the California senate bill “codified a commitment to returning criminal aliens back onto our streets, which undermines public safety, national security and law enforcement.”

Here’s Democrat Gov. Jerry Brown emotionally welcoming Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to Los Angeles and telling illegals in the audience they are all welcome in California.

H/T to Cowger Nation for video

 Calif. wine county fires: illegal alien in custody  Calif. wine county fires: illegal alien in custody

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