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Dem David Garcia wants to be governor of “corrupt” AZ

Posted by on | October 8, 2017 | No Comments

With this campaign ad, denigrating the state of Arizona, Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia looks straight into the camera and dishonestly claims, “Arizona leads the nation in corruption.”  He says he wants to be the governor of all the people, though half of his ad is in Spanish.

In 2014 Garcia, a career educrat, ran for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction, losing to Republican Diane Douglas who successfully based her campaign on opposition to Common Core standards and defeated the problem plagued GOP incumbent, John Huppenthal.  A former state senator and Chandler City Councilman, Huppenthal unsuccessfully tried rebranding the unpopular Common Core, as he attempted to con parents on the issue. Soon after winning election, she was subjected to an unsuccessful recall, which the claque of Garcia followers claimed was based on her lack of political experience.

Will the recall activists be prepared to launch another such effort in the unlikely event David Garcia takes out Gov. Doug Ducey? Garcia is even more lacking in “political experience” than Douglas, who prior to being elected AZ Superintendent, served as an elected member of the Peoria School District Governing Board.

As a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Planned Parenthood Arizona, Arizona Education Association and every conceivable left-wing union were among David Garcia’s most generous PAC donors. No doubt they’ll be filling his campaign coffers again as he runs for governor.

Garcia plays fast and loose in assembling and spewing “facts.” Arizona has no standing on lists of most corrupt states. Illinois, where Garcia attended the University of Chicago for years and where high crime is the standard, is Numero Uno on most lists. Even the Chicago Tribune admitted the widespread corruption in the Illinois city — where murder rates in the city have topped war zones

Chicago, the nation’s third-largest city, accounted for 22% of the nationwide increase with 765 murders last year, more than the number of murders in the largest city, New York (334), and the second-largest, Los Angeles (294), combined. And those cities and the states they are in each have another thing in common: They’ve all had decades of Democrats at the helm of government. Even tiny Rhode Island is high on the list of Corruption amid Democrat “leadership.”

David Garcia’s wish for corruption in Arizona receives high marks as the most bizarre campaign tactic in memory. 

 Dem David Garcia wants to be governor of “corrupt” AZ  Dem David Garcia wants to be governor of “corrupt” AZ

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