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Dems yell “Russia!” ignore Mexican election interference 

Posted by on | March 1, 2018 | No Comments

Media Research Center exposes the actual foreign influence attempting to alter our American elections, and it isn’t an ocean away or abutting Mongolia, Finland or Kazakhstan. Mexico tracks nearly 2,000 miles along our southern border, and .Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos has made his positions all too clear, as he declares, “The real challenge, first, is to resist. To say no. And then beat Donald Trump, now or in 2020.”

Take a moment to consider the full significance of those words, Ramos wants Donald Trump, the President of the United States, out of office, either before or after his first term. What exactly is he advocating and why is he allowed to get away with such sedition while obviously inciting violence?

Read the complete article which includes two brief but alarming videos, and concludes with Ramos calling ‘Dreamers’ the “new political leaders of the Latino community,” which is a further slap in the face to thousands of non-‘Dreamer’ Latinos who actually do exercise considerable political leadership throughout the country.

In another stretch, Ramos also hails the ‘Dreamers’ as part of a “new civil rights movement in the United States.” This would be the first “civil rights” movement involving non-citizens who are otherwise unlawfully present in the United States. The Univision anchorman’s stated wish for a United States “in which nobody is illegal, regardless of the papers you may or may not carry in your wallet” is tantamount to a wish that all the country’s immigration laws and controls be completely annulled.’

In this Fox News clip Laura Ingraham takes on the arrogant Ramos, who has dual citizenship and votes in U.S. elections, though he savages our president and policies, contending “no one is illegal.” Ramos’ daughter was a paid staffer on Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Think about Ramos’ advocacy for rebellion, a borderless USA, pervasive criminality and widespread chaos. Remaking Mexico within the United States is to invite disaster. Mexico ended 2017 by marking the deadliest year in that country’s history.

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