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Echo chamber hack Montini squawks at bigger Biggs

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It would be easy to imagine Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini is not a man awash in friends.  He’s acerbic, haughty and an unrepentant liberal, appearing to revel in his role as echo chamber for the left wing newspaper.

Being in a rut is his way of life.

According to an article written about him in 2011 as he zoned in on 25 years on the job he’s been working at since coming to Arizona in 1979, he’s been cranking out three columns a week for most of what is now nearly four decades. There’s no way to describe his career other than putting a face on tedium. Which is why he falls far short in attempting to skewer Congressman Andy Biggs.

Leftie Montini is paid to decimate his betters — or in this case, Biggers

A recent column was bizarrely headlined, “Biggs should probably shut up about Mueller ASAP.” Biggs is Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs, a man of integrity and actual accomplishment. He served in the Arizona Legislature for 14 years –– the last four as Arizona Senate President. A retired attorney, he’s been licensed to practice law in three states. His bachelor’s degree is in Asian Studies. He earned a Master’s degree in political science. He’s been awarded many honors including “Champion of the Taxpayer” from Americans for Prosperity for his cumulative service in the Arizona legislature, and has been honored numerous times by the Goldwater Institute as a “Friend of Liberty.” He’s a married father of 6 and grandfather of four.

So what’s the problem with this highly regarded public servant? If you guessed his conservative politics, you’ve been paying attention.

Montini is distressed that U.S. Rep. Biggs has correctly called for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from the Department of Justice Russian investigation. He first did so in this June 23, 2017 press release. He recently made his case against the Witch Hunt on Fox News, and authored this Dec. 26, commentary printed in USA Today, — a Gannett-owned insert intended to add heft to its anemic cousin, the Arizona Republic.

 The 2011 article noting Montini’s then-25 years doing The Republic’s bidding, contains these intriguing words:

For Montini, arrogance has always been the most infuriating of the human frailties.

“We have a lot of it in political terms,” Montini said. “We have people who choose to impose their arrogance on other people out of some moral high ground that doesn’t really exist.”

Speaking of Phoenix, he states, “We are still in our adolescence, Kind of loopy, kind of crazy. And we do some really stupid things. The same kind of things that I think you look at as a kid who is an adolescent and trying to figure things out.”

“We act impulsively; We act on the wrong information. We get all caught up in emotional things and don’t think things through. We do all of that stuff. It is what makes us charming. It is what makes us endearing. It is what also makes us, sometimes, really bone-headed.”

Except for the “endearing and charming” parts, it sounds as though Montini was describing himself.

 Echo chamber hack Montini squawks at bigger Biggs  Echo chamber hack Montini squawks at bigger Biggs

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