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Flake and McCain: Liberal colluders to the end

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Flake showboats on Jones Act, McCain mocks Secretary of Homeland Security even as President Trump has temporarily lifted the Jones Act provisions at the request of Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

 It would be too much to expect that egotist Jeff Flake — who announced his retirement from the U.S. Senate after conceding he couldn’t win reelection — would sit down and shut up. But with the glowing coverage he’s gotten from the Arizona Republic, he’s on  roll, obviously intending to milk his waning days in office. And how better than to try to diminish the Trump administration and Arizona Republicans by scheming with eight House Democrats — and, of course, John McCain — to loudly push the repeal of the Jones Act.

Arizona’s Senior Senator (ASS) McCain sent this letter to Elaine Duke, acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, in which he demands answers to seven questions posed to her, preceded with the sarcastic, “As you know,” and “Given your firsthand experience with the Jones Act….”

The Jones Act, a law implemented in 1920, requires all goods shipped between U.S. ports be carried by ships built by Americans and operated by Americans. Under the law, foreign vessels that enter Puerto Rico are subject to taxes, fees and tariffs.

Ailing octogenarian ASS and short-termer Flake have taken this on as a mission in the wake of Hurricane Maria savaging Puerto Rico, an unincorporated U.S. territory located in the Caribbean Sea. They portray themselves as saviors though President Trump had already implemented a waiver at the request of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

That’s how negotiations are supposed to work. Although such reasoning  exceeds their ability, the showboating Republicrat duo, who are both rankled at the fact that Donald Trump is the president, need to allow the White House to conduct its business.

McCain lost his bid for the presidency. Flake conceded he would have lost his senate race and announced his retirement at the conclusion of his current term.

 Flake and McCain: Liberal colluders to the end  Flake and McCain: Liberal colluders to the end

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