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Happy Mother’s Day & a Kyrsten Sinema memory jogger

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Kyrsten Sinema: Stay at home Moms are leeches

Yes, the seemingly disparate topics are actually related. Kyrsten Sinema, a first term Democrat Congresswoman representing Arizona’s CD 9 — now a candidate for U.S. Senate — has had some harsh words for women who devote themselves to their families.

This Sept. 5, 2012 post,Kyrsten Sinema: Far-left radical AZ CD 9 Dem exposed,” includes the quote from the now re-crafted, soft-spoken Sinema, who no longer heralds her ties to the Communist Party, bi-sexuality or strong allegiance to atheism, which led her to refuse to take her oath of office with her hand on a Bible.

Pay attention to her ubiquitous ads, interestingly running on Fox News to garner support of those who aren’t familiar with who she actually is. Sinema is well funded by desperate liberals salivating at the prospect of capturing an Arizona U.S. Senate seat. According to her latest FEC reports, she’s already raised $6,552,764.22.         

In her ads, Sinema slickly omits any reference to her Democrat party affiliation or her close association with Barack Obama, which she definitely wants red state Arizona voters to forget —- especially the growing number of registered Independents.

Sinema’s quote about stay-at-home mothers was so shocking, it was even called out aspersistent verbal flubberyby none other than far-left extremist Phoenix New Times former columnist, Stephen Lemons.

This is excerpted from the SRAZ  post:
An ardent supporter of same-sex marriage, she mockingly blasted women who devote themselves to their families rather than working outside the home. Her foul-mouthed comment was: “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls**t. I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?” Following the spirit of unity Dems claim to embrace, Sinema derided conservatives as “Neanderthals.”

Kyrsten Sinema’s 2016 Congressional primary victory was enthusiastically  cheered by the Advocate, a LGBT site, praising her for “moving one step closer to being the first openly bisexual member of Congress.” She now occupies that congressional seat.  Don’t be fooled into surrendering a senate seat to this candidate whose extreme views represent few Arizonians.

The importance of senate seats cannot be overstated since U.S. Supreme Court nominees are confirmed by the senate. There are currently two of the nine justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (DOB: 3/15/33)  and Anthony Kennedy, (DOB: 7/23/36), who are in their 80’s and another, Stephen Breyer, (DOB: 8/15/38) who will join the octogenarian crowd in August. Two of the current justices were Obama appointees and two were named by Clinton.

President Trump appointed conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch to the high court in April 2017. He will face fierce opposition from Senate Democrats when future SOTUS vacancies occur. 

The repackaged Kyrsten Sinema is dangerous. It cannot be stressed enough that the consequences of electing her will be dire.

Seeing Red AZ enthusiastically supports Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate. Your donations will help her stay competitive against the out-of-state money funding Leftist Sinema.

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