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Hate mongering SPLC exists to raise mega $millions, incite violence

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This past April, Stephan Lemons signed off with his last vile column at the Phoenix New Times tabloid. The hate monger, who amused himself with dreams of dancing on the graves of those with whom he disagreed, was moving on to what only he could regard as greener pastures — the disreputable Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s anything but a benign entity, making it the ideal cesspool for Lemons to wallow in.

Lemons signed off this way: “Sometimes, cutting a jig over the corpses of mean-spirited, race-bating troglodytes — once they’ve passed of natural causes — is the best you get in this life. And I’ll take it.”

He described his new job with these words: “I’m leaving due to an offer from another outlet, as the grown-ups say, an organization that sues the pants off racists and gives their property to minorities.”

In this era of reveling in victimization and celebrating diversity rather than national unity, the Daily Caller reports the SPLC’s map of “Confederate monuments” resembles the group’s “hate map” that has repeatedly smeared conservative organizations as “hate groups” and inspired domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins to shoot up the conservative Family Research Center in 2012. This is a brief cut from the FBI interrogation footage of Corkins saying he was motivated by SPLC‘s “hate map,“ compiled by the hate group Stephen Lemons couldn’t wait to join.

To get an idea of the outrageous views held by this radical group, The Washington Times reported the group placed 2016 presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson on its Extremist Watch List for his views against same-sex marriage. The brilliant neurosurgeon was selected by President Trump to serve as the secretary of the U.S. Department of housing and Urban Development.

Now the SPLC is focused on removing monuments, renaming schools, roads, towns and even has the names of military bases in its sights for annihilation.. The loony left has already torched and toppled Abraham Lincoln the first Republican president, obviously not taught he freed the slaves.  Though it was the Democrat Party that fought to keep slavery, the political left escapes SPLC’s wrath.

This exposé (video) of the leftist, supposedly “anti-hate” organization — the Southern Poverty Law Center — features William F. Jasper, Senior Editor of The New American news magazine who does a fine job of identifying the SPLC.

Watch as Tucker Carlson interviews Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council about SPLC, the largest hate group in America. How much more reckless hate-baiting will it take before CNN and leftist celebrities stop taking this demonic colossus seriously?

Southern Poverty Law Center is a mega-fundraising organization with most of their $100’s of millions held in off shore accounts. The Federalist exposes the tactics in 12 ways the Southern Poverty Law Center is a scam to profit from Hate-Mongering.



 Hate mongering SPLC exists to raise mega $millions, incite violence  Hate mongering SPLC exists to raise mega $millions, incite violence

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