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Insulting choice: AZ Republic names 2017 Arizonans of the Year

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If you were to guess who the co-winners of the title “Arizonans of the Year” would be, we’re betting you wouldn’t be on the same page as the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic, which announced “The two men who tried to save us from ourselves…as they stood for core values.”

Still stumped?. We’ll give you another clue. Would the word, “courageous” help? If you’re thinking of first responders, try again.

Do the words,” love of liberty, a quest for justice, a commitment to freedom, a unity of purpose,“ provide the needed clue?  No, It’s not conservative U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and his like-minded replacement on the high court, Neil Gorsuch. Justice Scalia died unexpectedly in 2016, so that takes him out of the running, even posthumously, for a 2017 award. Besides, neither man called Arizona home.

We are told they both delivered needed criticism. Could they be the restaurant or movie critics? Nah. Neither of those jobs would rise to Arizonan of the Year status. They “stuck their necks out and paid the price.”  That could possibly be major league sports figures who “took a knee“ disrespecting rather than standing for our flag and national anthem. But which sport and athlete?

When we read these winners don’t engage in the “now-familiar pugilism of smash-mouth politics,” it was clear that it was neither of Arizona’s U.S. Senators, both supporters of amnesty for America’s invaders, who have both stooped low in the political arena. It was the envious McCain who was revealed as the emissary who hand carried the now-known to be bogus “dossier” to then-FBI director James Comey on Jan. 6, the sole intent of which was to defame President-elect Donald Trump with manufactured, personally compromising allegations while advancing the contrivance of Russian collusion.

Flake repeatedly maligned candidate, and later, President Donald Trump. He even wrote a 140-page pamphlet he called a book, with a plagiarized title, the purpose of which was to denigrate Trump. Flake disgorged on the senate floor, vomiting a scathing spew aimed at the President of the United States, then opted out of running for reelection due to his soaring unpopularity.  Did you know his credentials for congress included being a registered foreign agent in the apartheid supporting African nation of Namibia, lobbying on behalf of a uranium mining company with ties to Iran?  He is a fluent speaker of Afrikaans, a language he learned to facilitate his LDS missionary assignment. These inconvenient facts were not worthy of reporting by the Arizona Republic.

 McCain cultivated the “Maverick” image to give the interloper a western flair as he first moved to Arizona after marrying his well connected beer heiress wife Cindy and ran for the U.S. House. The moniker also served the purpose of providing cover as he repeatedly shoved his thumb in the eye of actual Republicans. He originally had to be coerced into running under the GOP banner, since respected conservative House minority leader John Rhodes who was retiring, could never be replaced by a Democrat in the East Valley CD-1.

Flake, doing lame-duck Barack Obama’s bidding, actually shepherded Democrat Merrick Garland through the halls of the Senate, in an effort to gin up votes for his confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Fortunately Donald Trump was elected, prevailing in the face of vigorous Democrat opposition, winning confirmation for his appointee, Neil Gorsuch.

John McCain pulled a fast one on GOP leadership when the vote was taken to repeal and replace the failed health care system known as Obamacare. Mitch McConnell held up the vote until the ailing 81-year-old Arizona Senator could participate, since Republicans hold a slim vote edge. When McCain went to the podium to vote, he shocked his GOP colleagues with a theatrical thumbs down, (video of McCain’s betrayal) effectively supporting the Democrats. The editorial states McCain, now suffering from brain cancer, could opt to rest on his “lifetime of achievements.” Arizona Conservatives know better. Elected GOP state committeemen censured him at the mandatory statutory meeting for his lack of commitment to the Republican principles. Maricopa County delegates also censured him earlier in the same month by a vote of 1,150 – 351.

McCain was recently scheduled to appear at the Reagan Forum, but was abruptly cancelled when more rational thinkers prevailed. John McCain represents the antithesis of everything Reagan, the conservative icon, stood for. Reagan’s optimistic spirit and gentlemanly demeanor stand in stark contrast to the crude, hot-tempered, erratic, scheming, ethically challenged McCain Arizonans know so well.

This is what Republican former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay had to say about presidential candidate John McCain.

The newspaper’s picks are beyond foolish. They are insulting.

 Insulting choice: AZ Republic names 2017 Arizonans of the Year  Insulting choice: AZ Republic names 2017 Arizonans of the Year

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