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Irrelevant AZ senators rate headline for G-7 Trump bashing

Posted by on | June 9, 2018 | No Comments

 Nonentities John McCain and Jeff Flake serve as useful idiots to leftist Arizona Republic

This reckless coverage attempting to undermine the President of the United States as he meets with G-7 leaders on the World Stage, is — unfortunately for all Americans who reap the rotten harvest  — typical of the Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic newspaper.

Insults are one thing.  Acting to destabilize President Donald Trump is unconscionable. Trump has shown himself to be an effective leader, even engaging North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un to the negotiation table, an unheard of event in over 70 years. The country was partitioned in 1945.

Arizona has zero representation in the U.S. Senate. John McCain, reported to be planning his own funeral, hasn’t been seen in D.C. in nearly a year except for this diabolically rehearsed drama. Jeff Flake suspended his reelection campaign due to his embarrassing low 18 approval ratings. Yet these two irrelevants rate the headline?

Something is very wrong with this picture.

 Irrelevant AZ senators rate headline for G 7 Trump bashing

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