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Irrelevant McCain and Flake consume AZ Republic

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Absurdity comes on fleet foot from local newspaper

 The Arizona Republic is suffering. The throes of despair are more evident with each passing day.  And the cause of this anguish? Two irrelevant Republicrat senators: John McCain and Jeff Flake.

Dan Nowicki, the senator’s assigned sycophantic reporter is so distraught at the thought of their imminent departures, he’s been reduced to writing gibberish — aided by columnists— sappy Laurie Roberts and toothless pit bull E.J. Montini. It‘s a pitiful sight to behold as his job security hinged on two political contrarians, slips beyond his grasp.

 As an example of Nowicki’s predicament, Sunday’s front page carried the headline, “Mavericks Unleashed,” which concludes that now freed from pre-election fundraising and the pressure to sound rational, lame duck Flake and his seriously ill mentor McCain are unconstrained in spewing their ire at President Trump.  A literal translation of the scenario is the duo no longer has to lie in order to soothe the ire of the irate conservative base within the Arizona Republican Party. Flake, who realized he was in a losing battle against principled conservative challenger Dr. Kelli Ward, opted out of his 2018 reelection to avoid a humiliating defeat, not due to his non-complicity with President Trump. This is all facile fakery to allow him to leave on a higher note than being unceremoniously kicked to the curb.

These are the hard facts: Flake has never been popular, winning the open senate seat in 2012 by just 3 points, despite diligent efforts by retiring Sen. Jon Kyl and John McCain. Trump carried Arizona by nearly 20 points in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. In the General Election Trump captured all 11 electoral votes.

 The same edition of the beleaguered newspaper runs what is likely a first, as editorials go. Attributed to the entire editorial board, (do they take turns writing sentences? Is Tucson resident Linda Valdez hooked up via a conference call?)  it is two pages in length, topped with an oversize full color photo of the new hero of the left, Jeff Flake, absurdly titled, “In Flake’s speech, a flash of hope.”  That was after Flake referred to himself as “a globalist,” cast in the image of billionaire Socialist George Soros.

In a fit of pomposity while editorially standing in for Flake, the Republic calls on Americans, not only Arizonans, to reject the President of the United States, but also to reject what they refer to as “Trump making the offensive seem commonplace.”

This is the same Hillary Clinton endorsing newspaper that uses Cronkite students who write news reports that foolishly resemble Snoopy’s “it was a dark and stormy night novellas. The same newspaper that headlines news reports with the slippery words, “May,” “Could,” and “Might” exemplified by this Page One article titled, “Money for kid’s health care may run out in weeks.” That money also may not run out — making the report pointless. Slippery, non-definitive words and editorials passing as news have become the Arizona Republics stock in trade. 

Can those in charge of disgorging bile and fake news actually harbor realistic expectations that they sway any votes?  When elections roll around, fewer of the newspaper’s endorsed candidates win.  Scandal-plagued Hillary is an outstanding example as the Republic, referring to itself as “conservative,” opined, “Her flaws pale in comparison“ to Trump‘s.

An Arizona Republic endorsement has become the kiss of death principled candidates run from. 

 Irrelevant McCain and Flake consume AZ Republic  Irrelevant McCain and Flake consume AZ Republic

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