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Is this worthy of Page One coverage?

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 Is this worthy of Page One coverage?

The contrivance of ‘Russian Collusion’ had no traction and veered into oblivion, Stormy Who? became an evaporated drizzle, the economy is up, unemployment is down. Desperate Democrats are left with ramping up the fallacious issue of family reunification for invaders and publicly screeching at White House cabinet members and Republican elected officials in restaurants, theaters and in their own front yards.

Real news would entail reporting on President Trump’s successes, which is inconceivable to the operatives populating the leftist national media and the agenda-driven Arizona Republic.

The increasingly anorexic Arizona Republic, reliant on mostly unedited ASU Cronkite student reporters, and a single page USA Today fold-over for added heft, outdid itself with this Page One report. Titled, “John McCain, family, celebrate Independence Day in Arizona with giant water slide.”

Gullible online readers are then regaled with Independence Day tweets supposedly sent out by John McCain, via his office, of course. He is described by the local fish wrap in bio format:

“McCain, the six-term senator, 2008 GOP presidential nominee and former prisoner of war, continues to go through physical therapy as he battles a typically deadly form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma.”

This pathetic charade posing as news, provides cover to the deceptive McCain who used the Republican Party to get elected, and has been heralded by the local newspaper as a “Maverick” for colluding with Democrats for decades, and now — though seriously ill —  hasn’t the grace to resign after not being seen in public since last December. Between McCain and lame duck, Trump-hating Republicrat Jeff Flake, who spends his final days in D.C. purposely blocking votes on President Trump’s federal appellate court nominees, Arizonans have no representation in the U.S. Senate. Flake is not running for reelection due to embarrassing 18% approval ratings.

These are the issues that should be Page One news. Don’t hold your breath waiting for responsible reporting.

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