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Jeff as Flaky as ever: Still bonded to Cuban dictators

Posted by on | June 6, 2018 | No Comments

A quick perusal of the soon-to-be-departing Sen. Jeff Flake’s press releases shows the contrarian still pushing his anti-Trump rhetoric. He hammers the president for his imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminum products, intended to put the USA back In the economic driver’s seat.

In his commencement address to graduates of Harvard  Law School, he inanely slammed the president — without mentioning his name —- for guiding a a national descent  into “rank tribalism.”

He defended his indefensible votagainst the nomination of CIA Director Gina Haspel, who was confirmed by a 54-45 vote. Then with his seriously ill mentor John McCain nowhere In sight, the vacuous Flake finally voted “aye.”

These brutish actions were all just lead-ins to his most recent inexcusable action, but one he has been bonded to for decades. The fact is, Jeff Flake has a fondness for dictators. Communist tyrants like the murderous Castro brothers who violently repressed their own countrymen, have long topped his list.

Breitbart News provides a ringside view into the most recent Flakiness with an article titled, “Jeff Flake Lends Support to Cuba’s Puppet President.”

The meeting was the first with an American government guest since Diaz-Canel took office. He remains subordinate to the country’s leader, dictator Raul Castro.

 “It was certainly a friendly meeting with the president, he very much … he’s an engineer and was certainly, talking about this subject, was very fluent in what is needed in Cuba and the benefits that come from greater connectivity,” Flake said.

Flake, who has compared democratically elected U.S. President Donald Trump to brutal Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin — recognized by historians as directly responsible for the deaths of at least 20 million people  — did not publicly challenge Diaz-Canel or any Cuban officials on the gross human rights violation the Castro regime has inflicted on its people for six decades.

In 2015, we posted, “Jeff Flake: Obama’s top Republican ally,”

Don’t hold your breath waiting to hear anything negative about the island nation’s Communist regime from Jeff Flake. He accompanied Barack Obama to Cuba to celebration Obama’s dropping of sanctions against Cuba.

Jeff Flake, whose main thrust has been pushing amnesty for illegal aliens, is leaving the U.S. Senate after one term due to his bottom-dragging 18 percent approval ratings, admitting he couldn’t win a primary election.

Dr. Kelli Ward, deserves your vote and support.

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