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Joe Arpaio needs to view larger picture, act admirably

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Newly released political poll should not be taken lightly

Finding a knowledgeable Republican in Maricopa County who doesn’t hold former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in high esteem would be a tough task. To call the career lawman, who retired as head of Arizona DEA prior to being elected to an unprecedented six-4-year terms, “popular,” would be the height of understatement. He even does a decent rendition of “My Way,” and means it.

When Sheriff Joe Arpaio was introduced at Maricopa County mandatory meetings, the elected precinct committeemen in attendance reliably gave him a standing ovation, from the time he left his seat in the packed auditorium until he strolled to the stage to address them. No other county official commanded such support.

But now the man known fondly as “Sheriff Joe” has got a problem. Nothing will soften the hard facts. Having just celebrated his 86th birthday, Joe is running for the U.S. Senate. He is also losing support. The seat is open due to Trump-hating Jeff Flake’s inability to rise above 18-percent approval ratings. Flake ditched his reelection campaign rather than risk the embarrassment of being kicked to the curb by Arizona voters. 

Though Arpaio was an early supporter and has remained loyal to President Trump — who carried the state of Arizona in 2016 — winning all 11 electoral votes, age is not on his side. Arpaio vows he’ll only run for a single term, but by then he’ll be 92. That detail should be a deal breaker, but Joe Arpaio is intent on staying in the race.

These facts are worthy of note due to this recently released survey from Phoenix-based Data Orbital. The numbers are telling. According to data gleaned from 550 likely primary voters, Martha McSally (frequently referred to on this site as ‘Sally McCain’) holds 38% of the vote compared to conservative former state senator Dr. Kelli Ward at 23% and Arpaio at 17%. Undecided voters factor in at 21%.

Do the math. If Arpaio exited the race and threw his support to Ward, the scenario would change dramatically, with Ward leading at 40%. McCain ally McSally, who even emulates his crude speech, is battling her own problems. Waiting at the General Election altar is crafty chameleon Kyrsten Sinema, who has magically transformed herself into a soft-spoken, sympathetic candidate from her previous incarnation as a foul-mouthed, atheist, refusing to take her oath of office with her hand on the Bible. Sinema derided stay-at-home mothers as leeches, sent May Day greetings to the Communist Worker newspaper, and was heralded as the first openly bisexual member of congress, She was a frequent guest at the Obama White House.

The Arizona Primary Election is rapidly approaching. This election is too important to screw up. Dr. Kelli Ward, a physician with conservative principles, is the rational choice in the August 28, 2018 Republican Primary. Joe Arpaio needs to do the right thing and retire. A longtime and reliable public servant, he’s earned it.

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