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Kimberly Yee is the right choice for AZ Treasurer

Posted by on | August 7, 2018 | No Comments

Important office deserves voter’s attention

Proving the old adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day, the usually unreliable Arizona Republic is right on the money with its endorsement of conservative Kimberly Yee in the Arizona Treasurer’s race.

Yee’s bio details her outstanding credentials. Having worked as an executive in the treasurer’s office, there is no learning curve for the former Senate Majority Leader of the Arizona Legislature.

Yee has been endorsed by five former State Treasurers and Republican leaders across the state as well as national conservative groups.

In 2016, SRAZ featured a post including a video of Kimberly Yee speaking at the Republican National Convention, endorsing Donald Trump for President.

Today’s editorial endorsement acknowledges that Yee has the experience and knowledge to manage the state’s finances and approximately $15 billion investment portfolio.

The Office of the State Treasurer serves as the state’s investment advisor and banker, invests taxpayer dollars and conducts the state’s financial and banking services.

Kimberly Yee’s primary opponent, Jo Ann Sabbagh, is described in the newspaper’s endorsement of Arizona-born Yee, as a newcomer — she moved to Tucson in 1997 from Ohio — who engages in “relentless attacks,“ described as “disturbing.” She also plays fast and loose with the truth.

After Treasurer Jeff DeWit stepped down to join the Trump administration as chief financial officer of NASA, former AZ Board of Regents President Eileen Klein was appointed interim treasurer. She is not running for election.

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