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Leftist AZ Sec. of State disguised as a Republican?

Posted by on | May 15, 2019 | No Comments

SOS Katie Hobbs’ actual political agenda should terrify AZ citizens

Imagine our surprise when nosing around the AZ Secretary of State’s website checking out candidate filing information, as we were hit with the 2019 Guide for Completing Financial Disclosure Statements.

Officially titled,Financial Disclosure A Guide for Completing Financial Disclosure Statements,” it prominently features a smiling photo of the Secretary of State, a copy of the state seal, and an introductory letter signed by the SOS. The glaring problem is it’s the former Secretary of State, Michele Reagan — now a Pinal County Justice of the Peace.

She was replaced by Democrat Katie Hobbs last year, although Hobb’s staff obviously hasn’t noticed. Scroll through the handbook and you’ll see a box on each of the 19 pages, saying, “Secretary of State Michele Reagan.”

A radical leftist, who deceptively vowed as a candidate to be “non-partisan,” Hobbs touts heraccomplishments since assuming office Jan. 7, 2018. Listed among the inanities, are traveling to six counties (Arizona has 15) and “training 20 advocates to assist survivors.”

Of paramount importance, however, is Hobb’s “public opposition to the addition of a citizenship question on the 2020 Census.” That translates to the fact that Hobbs approves of counting illegal aliens in determining Arizona’s congressional representation. She also withdrew Arizona from what she calls the “controversial” Interstate Vote Checking Program, which since 2005 compares voter registration data across participating states to ensure people were not registered and able to vote in multiple states.

Only those who find voter fraud acceptable would refer to the ability maintain a system that guarantees voter integrity as “controversial.”

Ruminate on those “non-partisan” calamities.

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