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Lies from the AZ Republic reach anti-GOP pinnacle

Posted by Admin on | September 9, 2019 | No Comments

Purposely using an incendiary headline, the admittedly failing, Hillary-endorsing Arizona Republic intended to alarm its few remaining readers that the Arizona Republican Party was taking away their right to vote.

We couldn’t make this up.

The Page One headline actually says: “AZ GOP looks to scrap primary.”

If it appears something’s missing, truth and the facts are what are intentionally hidden.

The “primary” the provocative headline refers to is actually an optional internal 2020 Republican presidential preference primary or caucus that other states are also ditching. In addition to Arizona, Kansas, Nevada and South Carolina have made similar decisions. Others are sure to follow.

This action is not unprecedented. Democrats scraped eight primaries and caucuses in 1996 when then-incumbent Pres. Bill Clinton was running for reelection and 10 in 2012, during former Pres. Obama’s re-election campaign. Republicans cancelled eight internal preference primary contests in 1992 and 10 in 2004. 

Arizona GOP Chairman Kelli Ward is quoted as saying, “This is nothing new, despite the media’s inauthentic attempt to portray it as such. Arizona Republicans are fired up to re-elect President Trump to a second term and will continue to work together to keep America — and Arizona — great.”


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