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Major reason to steer clear of deceptive AZ Republic

Posted by on | May 27, 2018 | No Comments

A key component of the Arizona Republic’s stock in trade is the ubiquitous use of weaselly equivocators, “could, might, may,” in incendiary headlines.

Saturday’s edition provided this Page One example: ”Advocates say separation of migrant families could expose children to abuse by border agents.”

Separation of families is a phony ploy. They can all return home together.  Exactly when did border agents morph into child molesters? This is another bogus contrivance from the newspaper increasingly known as the Arizona Repukelick for obvious reasons.

A quick perusal of the accompanying story, complete with an oversize photo of a morose mother staring directly into the camera, attempts to go straight for the heartstrings with the tale of a 20-year-old Guatemalan mother and her infant daughter, the product of rape, we are told, to give more heft to the saga, who are “seeking asylum” in the United States. The cadres of illegal advocates who “represent” invaders have now embraced a new ploy, that children could be exposed to abuse by border agents. By now, most of us are too steeped in “Push 1 for Spanish” to be ready customers for the despicable maneuver.

The Hillary Clinton endorsing, John McCain-worshiping newspaper never deviates from calling illegal alien invaders of our country,migrants.The United States is not San Juan Capistrano, and foreign nationals are not temporarily migrating swallows, who wing it 6,000 miles back to Goya, Argentina when the season ends.

America accepts over a million legal immigrants yearly. We welcome educated people with skills that will benefit our nation as they assimilate to our culture, heritage and language.  Our cities and states are not repositories for the uneducated who rely on taxpayer funded benefits to exist.

When looking for news, readers want facts, not iffy suppositions that push a liberal agenda. They will get plenty of agenda in the local newspaper. Facts take a back seat.

In 2013 we wrote, “Winston Smith: Alive and well at Associated Press,” referring to the main character in George Orwell’s book “1984,” which described the manipulation of language. The intentional misuse by the left-wing media is even more egregious today. 

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