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Mitt Romney endorsements? The ties that bind RINOs

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Mitt Romney misses the mark as a “Secret Weapon” 

It sounds like a spoof, but the Arizona Republic is dead serious. Referring to failed presidential candidate, Mitt Romney, the newspaper described the man who called Donald Trump  “a phony and a fraud,”  is given accolades as McCain and Flake’s “secret weapon.”

The opportunistic name callers all deserve one another. Not a single one of the trio is a conservative, although they each attempt to claim that high bar GOP marker.

This (brief video) is the liberal, Hillary endorsing, newspaper’s idea of integrity.  Romney made two highly hyped appearances in Arizona on behalf of fellow Republicrat Jeff Flake this past weekend.  Flake needs all the help he can get entering a 2018 reelection with sagging popularity. Mitt will help him shore up his reliable Mormon base, but has no credibility among conservatives. Arizona gave all of it’s Republican electoral votes to Trump.

Romney was unable to bring in a crowd for McCain preceding his reelection. Flake can’t fill a room at Republican headquarters. Even the sycophants for Flake at the Arizona Republic were forced to admit his polling numbers are weak.

Romney, McCain and Flake each took turns taking potshots at GOP nominee Donald Trump. Flake said,Trump can’t win and shouldn’t win.” Since Trump’s inauguration, the jealous McCain has made undermining President Trump his avocation. He was even revealed as the source of a fictitious dossier that supposedly linked Trump to the Russians.

Here Romney says, “I’ll do everything within ‘political bounds’ to stop Donald Trump,” Yet we all remember the photos of a broadly smiling Romney meeting with newly elected President Trump  hoping he would be offered a cabinet level post. And after a dinner meeting in New York, Romney’s praise for Trump was juicer than the Delmonico steak. If he was being toyed with, he deserved it. But Romney was more than willing to meet twice with and discuss his future with the man he deemed worthless

Flake and Romney were featured in this Hillary Clinton campaign ad bashing Trump. 

The daily fish wrap needs to rethink its idea of a  “secret weapon.” This might work in Massachusetts, but it didn’t play welt in Arizona.

 Mitt Romney endorsements? The ties that bind RINOs  Mitt Romney endorsements? The ties that bind RINOs

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