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More proof Ken Bennett has Gov. Doug Ducey running scared

Posted by on | July 3, 2018 | 1 Comment

Following Monday’s exposé titled, Report: Gov. Ducey poised to appoint Cindy McCain to U.S. Senate, citing a news account that appeared in the Santa Monica Observer, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey is sweating, fearing an end to his political career.

The post included evidence that Ducey is faring badly in two new polls. A newly released NBC/Marist survey of AZ voters shows only 26% say he deserves to be reelected. Emerson College polling has Ducey’s approval at 31%.

Today Doug Ducey takes the “My Turn” route in the local newspaper, with a terrified plea, “Why I deserve a second term as your governor.” He omits any reference to gifting a 20% pay hike to Arizona’s striking teachers who thumbed their noses at their contractual agreement while abandoning over 800,000 students for a week. He grabs credit from President Trump for the solid economy, and laughably claims to have done a great job securing the border.

Ken Bennett, conservative choice for AZ Gov. beats contrived legal challenges details a bogus legal challenge to Bennett’s nomination petition signatures, filed one hour before the deadline, by Ducey’s fearful team. They ultimately withdrew their claim the day of the trial.

On June 5, SRAZ posted, Ken Bennett can and will be AZ’s next governor. This report features the panic mode of the Arizona Republic editorial page editor, Phil Boas, reacting to the McCain syndicate’s loss of control in the state.

In a pathetic editorial headlined, “Bennett should exit the governor’s race,” Boas asserts that Bennett can’t harm Gov. Doug Ducey, but “needs to save himself and what’s left of brand Bennett.” Don’t mistake this for thoughtfulness. It’s ice-in-the-veins fear. Boas purposely misstates Bennett’s “late and haphazard entry” into the governor’s race.

When he announced he made the ballot, Bennett thanked Arizona Republicans statewide for their “incredible effort” in securing not only the required number of signatures to make him a viable gubernatorial candidate, but giving him a healthy cushion of 26% to overt challenges. That’s indicative of strong grassroots support, hardly “haphazard.”

Boas then pulls out the long gun, blasting what only he and his ilk would consider a slur: “Bennett is behaving like an insurgent, a Trump-destroyer of the Republican establishment, and that’s pure fraud.” In the next line, Boas schizophrenically accuses Bennett of “being as establishment as it gets in Arizona.”

Poor, delusional Phil Boas. In his agitated state, he’s descended into withdrawal from reality, providing a spot-on description of John McCain’s overly long career, stating, “The only thing that explains Bennett’s strange run for governor is something that explains a lot of politicians. They’re needy. They reach a point when they’ve been too long from the spotlight and they crave its white glare. ”This campaign feels like that. Like vanity,” Boas opines, “It also feels like Ken Bennett’s last.”

A Ducey campaign operative derides conservative Ken Bennett, the former AZ Senate President and Secretary of State — the next in line of succession to the governor’s office —  as a “fringe candidate.” In doing so, Team Ducey violates a cardinal campaign rule as it relates to adversaries: “Never let them see you sweat.”  Ducey is standing in an ankle deep pool. 

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  1. Phil Wilko
    July 3rd, 2018 @ 12:59 pm

    The Santa Monica Observer is a fake news website. You should know better…

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