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Opportunist ex-Dem Glassman now GOP Corp. Com. candidate

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Rodney Glassman, a former legislative aide to radical leftist Raul Grijalva expressed a desire to model his own career after the CD 3 congressman

Rodney Glassman, a Republican candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commissioner has been provided a large ‘My Turn’ space in the daily newspaper. The headline, “Our state’s regulators should adopt Arizona Code of Judicial Conduct,“ has a noble ring. The words, “Integrity, character, virtue, ethics, righteous, goodness and honor, dance around in various type sizes and depth of intensity in a large space over the actual commentary that continues on a jump page. Even a causal reader of the-leftwing, Hillary endorsing newspaper, might wonder what makes Rodney Glassman such an exemplary Republican that he rates massive space and accolades. The answer is, lawyer Glassman a transplant from Tucson, has spent years as a Democrat.

In 2010, Glassman resigned during the third year of his four-year term as a Tucson City Councilman to become the Democrat candidate to run against U.S. Sen. John McCain.

Investigator reporter, Linda Bentley writing for the conservative Sonoran News, exposed Glassman in this June 2017 report:Recycled Democrat Rodney Glassman running as Republican for ACC.”

 Some excerpts follow. Her complete report will leave readers mystified.

Hailing as a progressive Democrat at the time, Glassman was a former legislative aide for U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva, a far-left Democrat and advocate of open borders with Mexico. Seeing Red AZ posted about Grijalva settling a $48,395 “severance package” in 2015 with one of his top staffers who threatened a lawsuit claiming he was frequently drunk and created a hostile workplace environment.

Glassman declared, that if elected, he would model his service after Grijalva, who called for an economic boycott of Arizona in protest of SB1070, which passed in 2010 and required police to determine the immigration status of someone arrested or detained when there is reasonable suspicion they are illegally present in the country. That most hotly contested provision of the law was subsequently upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Referring to him as a “quintessential opportunist,” Bentley points out that Glassman wasn’t always a Democrat. He registered as a Republican when he first moved to Tucson from California in 1997 when he was sent by his family to manage the Gateway Ice Center, a failing ice skating rink owned by his father. He transitioned to Independent in 1999 and then Democrat in 2000.

Glassman then moved north and finagled his way to being elected for a brief stint as Cave Creek’s interim town manager, noted for abusing his expense account by wining and dining politicians who might help with his higher political aspirations and reporters willing to write glowing accounts of his tenure.

Leftist Blog for Arizona covered Glassman’s 2009 wedding — attended by liberal politipals, hero Grijalva, other notable Democrats and a few Republicrats.

Problem plagued Secretary of State Michele Reagan appointed Glassman to co-chair her newly formed Technology, Transparency & Commerce Council. Her press release announcing the new commission touted, “Influential group of Arizonans to provide strategic insight to AZSOS,” adding,  “Made up of some of the state’s most well-respected business people, the council will provide feedback and support for the Secretary’s policy agenda.” She has endorsed Glassman.

Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, a Republican, must have taken Reagan seriously or was the recipient of a stellar lunch courtesy of Glassman‘s hefty expense account. Implausibly, he signed on as Glassman’s campaign chairman.

Conservative Jim O’Connor deserves your support and your vote. Sign his nominating petition online. 

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