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Pence takes Flake to WH to persuade Prez on DACA?

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When Donald Trump triumphed over 16 primary opponents to win the Republican presidential nomination, it shocked liberals, but not the conservatives who attended his campaign rallies. Llberals went into full meltdown mode when he won the presidency.

He spoke to the issues that matter most to Americans, but  health care and tax reform took a back seat to addressing our porous southern border and the massive impact of illegal hordes invading the USA.

 This issue, resonating across all sectors, was key to the reason Donald Trump won the election.

Yet we read that Vice President Pence, at one time an inseparable friend of Jeff Flake’s, is now trying to act as a conduit to get President Trump to soften his stance on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA/‘Dreamers.’

It should be a tough sell, since Flake has not only not been a friend to Trump, he’s been his harshest critic. He and his mentor McCain made public statements that neither they nor their families would vote for Donald Trump. Flake withdrew from running for reelection to the U.S. Senate due to the resulting, embarrassingly low poll numbers.

Arizonans have been down this amnesty path with then-Indiana Congressman Pence a decade ago, He actually endorsed in an Arizona legislative primary, giving the nod to a candidate who had been a lifelong Democrat until five days before he filed to run. The issue at the time was identical to the issue now — illegal ‘immigration.

It can’t be stressed often enough: Border security is national security.  The world is not a tea party.  Our immigration policies need tightening, not loosening. We should seek immigrants — college educated ones — who desire to assimilate, respect our laws, and bring abilities beneficial to the United States.

This past week three former Department of Homeland (IN)Security chiefs, two Dems and a RINO,  signed this letter to House and Senate leadership demanding fast action on the so-called ‘Dreamers’ — whose claims are impossible to verify.

We have repeatedly been told by advocates for the nearly 1 million ‘Dreamers’ that through no fault of their own, they were brought here as babes in their illegal parent’s arms. They are law abiding, attending school and serving in our military.  The facts tell a far different story.  Today is Saturday. Make time to read the impeccably researched article by Immigration and Foreign Policy pro, Will Racke, The Numbers Behind The ‘Dreamers.’

Barack Obama, put this mess in place through an executive order, which even he acknowledged was illegal and unconstitutional. (video).

Jeff Flake, a Libertarian who ran as a Republican, is a committed open borders and amnesty supporter. He honed his deceitful tactics from John McCain, who initially wanted to run as a Democrat in 1982 but was convinced by Republican power-brokers he couldn’t win as a Dem in the East Valley.

The idea of Flake influencing President Trump on this crucial issue is preposterous.  

 Pence takes Flake to WH to persuade Prez on DACA?  Pence takes Flake to WH to persuade Prez on DACA?

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