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Pres. Trump vindicated! Vile key AZ agent unmentioned

Posted by on | April 19, 2019 | 1 Comment

The left is in full-blown meltdown mode following the conclusion of a two-and-a-half-year investigation, the end game of which was to charge President Trump with Russian collusion in connection with the 2016 election, culminating, they hoped, in charges of impeachment. Preceding the release, Thursday’s edition of the Hillary Clinton-endorsing Arizona Republic headlined, “White House braces for report.” The single page USA Today insert warned, “Trump team mobilizes for Mueller’s report…Plan: Read quickly, put out responses.” 

The collusion charges fell with a dull thud as the 448-page Mueller Report not only exonerated President Trump but also his relatives and associates, who have been put through daily hell as the manufactured hoax gained momentum via repetition by Congressional Democrats and their willing cohorts in the leftist media. The radically obsessed Trump haters have perfected a means of dispensing words and phrases which are repeated in mynahesque fashion by like-thinking adherents throughout the day. The networks have been filled with commentators using identical language (example).

Trump Derangement Syndrome has moved from a catch phrase describing the lunacy of Never-Trumpers to a observable disorder with obvious contagious symptoms. Most noticeable is the lack of focus, followed by voices raising several octaves, slurred speech, reddened faces and indignation induced tremors.

Now they have to admit the phony “dossier,” was a construct by the campaign of Hillary Clinton with the sole purpose of discrediting Donald Trump.

When John McCain was alive, a fear of his notorious retribution techniques forced silence. After three cross country funerals in a week last year, it’s a safe bet John McCain is no longer above ground.

Now its been verified that the vengeful and jealous McCain was key to the sordid hoax intended to bring down the candidacy of Donald Trump, and keep him out of the White House.

McCain worked on behalf of his close friend Hillary Clinton, alleging the Russians had compromising information on candidate Trump, personally delivering it to then-FBI Director James Comey in 2016.

In his own inimitable and vulgar style, McCain acknowledged in 2017, “I did what duty demanded I do,” in passing on the documents. “I discharged that obligation, and I would do it again. Anyone who doesn’t like it can go to hell.”

Yet as the salacious report exploded and dominated the news, McCain’s involvement mysteriously faded into the smutty haze. Neither serious illness nor even death should obscure the facts of his key role in purposely spreading vicious lies and attempting to keep Donald Trump from the presidency, a position McCain coveted but, thankfully, never attained.

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One Response to “Pres. Trump vindicated! Vile key AZ agent unmentioned”

  1. William Heuisler
    April 19th, 2019 @ 5:13 pm

    McCain is only a small part of the farce.
    But is The Press finally embarrassed? Almost a half Century ago American President Richard Nixon was elected in a landslide, betrayed by leaks from the FBI and sold-out by lawyers. In 1973 FBI Director Mark Felt schooled 2015 FBI Director James Comey in stabbing a President in the back. Felt succeeded in making history. Comey nearly succeeded in the treachery and treason. Remember, Deep Throat was an FBI Director. We seldom read about Director Mark Felt even though he has been eerily resonant in our own phony Russian Collusion scenario. Why does our Press ignore the obvious similarities? Because the Mainstream Media are embarrassed by their ugly legacy of insider blindness. Two reporters spent a year leaking negative and nominally secret information from FBI files. Then Nixon’s White House Lawyer, John-Dean, made headlines by leaking to reporters accusing the boss of committing crimes and hiding evidence. Again unsavory traitors have been recreated… but they failed. These oddly similar insider Coups-de-etat should be remembered as cautionary tales… not hidden as merely embarrassing.

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