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Schumer Shutdown: Best assessment of scare tactics

Posted by on | January 22, 2018 | No Comments

Trump-hating Democrats and the eagerly acquiescing media have launched false shutdown narrative in an attempt to smear Republicans and score points in the upcoming 2018 midterm elections

Thomas Hicks, Jr. has written a superb opinion piece on the government shutdown. It appears in The Hill, and should be required reading for anyone who thinks there’s no difference between political parties — the old saw we’ve all heard from the uninformed. 

Schumer’s shutdown reveals: Democrats will destroy America just to spite Trump,” is not only well-written and fact-filled, but it clearly delineates the differences between the two parties. ‘Hicks captures the essence of the Democrats in the following few words: “Never before in American history has a major political party put the interests of lawbreaking foreign nationals ahead of the interests of law abiding Americans. Yet that is exactly what the Democrats have done in holding the government hostage to extract special favors for illegal immigrants.”

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