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Sean Hannity tells Jeff Flake he “has lost his way”

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Tuesday night, Sean Hannity joined Seeing Red AZ in taking on Jeff Flake — one of Arizona’s two disappointing Republicrat senators — who have been outspoken critics of President Trump and the Republican Party. During the 2016 presidential campaign, Flake repeatedly stated he would not vote for Donald Trump, andTrump can’t win and shouldn’t win.”  Being wrong didn’t rein in Flake’s oversize ego that has nothing to substantiate it. His penchant for displaying an inappropriate grin as he slams conservatives appears even more foolish

Watch as conservative talk show host Sean Hannity rips Jeff Flake for his spineless lack of vision, wanting the president to fail just so the Never-Trumpers can say, “I’ve told you so.”

Flake is once again making the rounds of network news shows, hostile to conservative principles. This time he’s promoting his book “Conscience of a Conservative,” a title he swiped from Barry Goldwater’s iconic 1961 book. During the media circuit tour, he ripped the president and the GOP, saying that the Republican party “has lost its way” and that it’s embracing “an anti-immigration fervor.”

“No Senator, you’ve lost your way,” Hannity shot back. “Instead of trying to sell your books, maybe Senator you should be focusing on lowering Obamacare premiums.”

The Fox News host noted that premiums have risen an astronomical 116% in Arizona — the highest jump in the nation — yet Flake remains mute. He refuses to acknowledge the record-breaking surge in the Dow since business savvy Trump has become president.

These are Flake’s flaky sentiments: concerning Republicans and the illegal alien invasion:

“The party has lost its way, we’ve given in to nativism, protectionism.”

“There are times you have to stand up and say ’I’m sorry this is wrong.’

“I’m very concerned about where the party is going, and the kind of anti-immigration fervor, somehow conservatism has become being mean or loud.”

US Senate terms are six years long. Flake won in 2012 by only 3 percentage points after establishment Sens. McCain and Kyl repeatedly went to bat for him. He’s vulnerable and flippable in 2018. Acquaint yourself with Dr. Kelli Ward’s  conservative principles. Then remember Jeff Flake’s incendiary words aimed at conservatives.

We suggest you reacquaint yourself with So you think you know Jeff Flake? Think again.”

 Sean Hannity tells Jeff Flake he “has lost his way”  Sean Hannity tells Jeff Flake he “has lost his way”

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