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Sexual predator Bill Clinton: MIA

Posted by on | December 14, 2017 | No Comments

USA Today, the failing Gannett, Inc. parent company filler stuffed inside the anorexic Arizona Republic has its bias on full display this morning. The 12.14.17 edition has an online headline differing from the one that subscribers receive, blasting, “Americans ready to take action against harassment.” The layout of the accompanying photo also differs, depicting now jobless sexual predators Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey and Al Franken Their photos are accompanied by an enlarged center shot of President Donald Trump. In the online version all photos are the same size. Regardless of photo size, however, the message is clear: President Trump needs to be ousted. He was picked up on tape during the campaign discussing women with a male companion. He was overwhelming elected, beating back scandal-plagued Hillary to the shock of liberals who regarded her as a sure thing.

Bill Clinton, during his presidency, was impeached for he lying and suborning perjury from his associates after it was revealed that he had a sexual relationship with a young female White House intern.  His photo is mysteriously missing from the USA Today front page lineup.

The leftwing, Hillary-endorsing newspaper thinks we all are suffering from amnesia. Our minds are clear. We are Republicans, represented by the elephant, noted for its long memory.

The sane newspaper also carries an intentionally divisive headline, “GOP tax cut gets sweeter for rich.” Never mentioned is “the rich” are America’s job creators. Before they were “rich,” they took the risks, did without and  worked the long hours to keep their dream afloat. Through their efforts, they provided others the opportunity to own homes and cars, educate their children and live the American Dream.  Now these same entrepreneurs are ridiculed. Barack Obama, a former “community activist,” who spent his career at the public trough, told them, “You didn’t build that.”

 Sexual predator Bill Clinton: MIA  Sexual predator Bill Clinton: MIA

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