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Sinema: AZ donkey disguised as elephant angles for votes

Posted by on | July 27, 2018 | No Comments

AZ’s growing number of registered “Independent” voters, less attuned to political realities, could irretrievably tip the national scales

A zoo in Cairo is causing a ruckus and raising indignation after the deception was exposed that donkeys had been painted to look like more expensive to purchase zebras. Actual zebras have different characteristics that make the fraud conspicuous.

Here in Arizona, we have a donkey masquerading as an elephant and the silence has been deafening. Not a peep has emanated from the zookeepers at GOP headquarters, asking where Kyrsten Sinema’s party identifier is on her ubiquitous campaign ads. Of interest is the fact that she’s running them on the conservative Fox cable news network.

Sinema has undergone a total, though superficial, transformation, as she refers to herself as a “problem solver,“ who “works across the aisle to get things done.”  She repeatedly calls herself “independent,” even “fiercely” so. That word is used with intent to capture the growing number of “Independent” voters, who miss the negative and far-reaching consequences voting for this political fraud.

She’s the author ofUnite and Conquerwhich details her techniques.

Poised and polished, speaking softly in her newly crafted demeanor, there is no hint of the crude and coarse, self-identified bi-sexual, former Green Party-leaning Communist, candidate turned Democrat.  In her former incarnation, she used foul-mouthed slurs to describe women who choose to be stay-at-home Moms. Now blonde and slim, wearing glasses to make her appear studious, and tipping her head in a submissive pose, it’s clear the CD 9 U.S. Representative — an avowed atheist who refused to take her oath of office with her hand on the Bible — worked with a coach in her latest quest.

Currently running statewide for the U.S. Senate, Sinema’s obviously trying to capture cross-party votes, even desiring Republicans she can con.  She’s raising massive amounts of money to effect the change.

This donkey disguised as an elephant is a shrewd schemer, positioning herself to use a U.S. Senate seat to align with the Chuck Schumer-led leftists and block conservative votes on matters of national importance, such as confirmation of Supreme Court Justices, federal district court judges and cabinet appointees nominated by President Trump. The senate’s powers are detailed here.

 The painted jackasses in the Cairo zoo pale by comparison to the one here in Arizona working diligently to deceive Arizona voters.  

Seeing Red AZ strongly supports principled conservative Dr. Kelli Ward for U.S. Senate.

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